I created 2 Successful MMORPGs in Construct 2

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  • Hey Everyone,

    So I never post on here, but I thought I would actually post something kind of inspiring.

    Like many developers out there, I've had a passion to create a small MMORPG for my friends and I to enjoy. That's actually how I stumbled upon Construct 2 because it's support for multiplayer seemed really easy to use.

    After using the software for a couple years now, I was able to create two MMORPGs that were mildly successful and that launched my game dev career. If you guys have any questions at all, feel free to ask.

    Thanks so much,


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  • Really enjoy the video, was really interesting to see the progress and struggles. Hope you manage to finish it one day and make your passion come true.

    Good luck

    And Thanks for sharing ))

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  • Thanks dude, that means a lot! It's been a blast trying to figure it all out.

  • That was a fun watch, thanks. I do like me some story videos. Were you able to do team PvE with photon cloud in the second game, and if not is that just an engine limitation of C2? Bit of a let down if it simply can't do shared enemies in multiplayer.

    What are you using now that you've moved on from Construct?

    Makes me want to try doing MP at some point. Good luck with your future projects!

  • Hey Man, thanks so much! I was only able to figure out PVP, sadly. I did figure out how to make online bosses or single enemies but the hardest part was I had to re-code the networking for every single enemy. So if I had 12 enemies on screen, each one had to have it's own set of code which is terrible haha. I'm sure there's a way but I just never figured it out.

    I still use Construct for some project but now I mostly use Godot. It has a pretty legit multiplayer system and you can credit your own servers with C++. (Which I've been studying for the past couple of months.)

    I definitely recommend using Construct's multiplayer system. It has limitations, but it's an absolute blast to make multiplayer games to play with your friends. Best of luck to you!

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