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  • Hello community.

    I present to you my new game "Crazy Word Game", available on android and downloadable from the playstore:

    This is a hardcore French anagram game developed with construct 2.

    Here are some technical characteristics of the game that I have set up:

    - An authentication / connection system with Firebase and Google Oauth 2.0.

    - Management of level selection in homemade slide and star system and unlocking of levels managed via ajax / php / mysql.

    - Implementation of a shop with purchase of bonuses and rewarded videos system with availability timer.

    - Bonus management to help the game progress.

    - Integration of a virtual currency.

    - The physics engine of the game is managed with the Chipmunk and LiteTween plug-ins.

    - The anagram recognition engine has managed via a json file with preloading of possible words / points based on the ODS7 dictionary and inject into an array to optimize the validation of the words.

    - The star gauge / level of points / higscore is fully dynamic via a json file.

    - The processing of player data has been managed with ajax / php / mysql with a security of transfers by cryptage.

    - Not being a graphic designer, the graphics are 60% from free packs and 40% homemade.

    - The monetization of the game is done with Google AdMob with the integration of a banner, interstitial ads and rewarded videos.

    - For export in signed apk format to the playstore, the framework used is Cordova and the Android Studio compiler (rip phonegap build)

    The game can be downloaded here:

    Website :

    Finally, I would like to thank all those who helped me at the beginning of my learning of the construct 2 software and who allowed me to carry out this project in particular R0J0hound, dop2000 and Chadori


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  • Added a new feature in my game: a wheel of fortune to earn coins ;)

  • Hi,

    The presentation of the game is now available on YouTube :

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