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  • Does anyone remember the arcade game Circus?

    Thanks to C2, I've put a few hours into creating a new version, which I'm calling Crazy Clowns. You can play it here:

    I'm hosting it using Windows Azure with DropBox deployment.

    My version is not yet as good as the original... but I have some ideas. I'm definitely not an artist.


      Using a Mouse works better than Touch - haven't figured out continuous touch yet Playing in Chrome works better than IE - can't get sound working for IE yet

    Play tip: the higher you place the mouse cursor on the screen, the higher the clown will jump.

    Feel free to share any thoughts!

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  • I don't remember crazy clowns, but your game was fun to play even with the mouse unplugged. I like the stick man (clown) animation, when he's flying through the air. I'm not sure if I was playing it wrong or because of using the touchpad, but the launchers orientation would only change after each launch. It would be cool to have control over that. Still I had fun with it. My suggestion.....more color.

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