The Crazy Bomber Robot game! Out now on Google Play!

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  • Hi guys,

    just wanted to share with you our first game: The Crazy Bomber Robot Game! Made with the awesome Construct2, it is now available to download on Google Play:

    It's an action/puzzle game focusing on fast reactions and strategic/precision timing, with some sneaky puzzles thrown in to the mix!

    Here's the spiel!

    The Crazy Bomber Robot game: A game about robots, bombs and all round craziness! Defeat the countless invading enemies that put the Crazy bomber robot’s metallic, artificial life in jeopardy.

    The player must drag and drop the Crazy robots only offensive/defensive weaponry: BOMBS!!!, strategically placing them with speed, accuracy and cunning! The player’s movement through levels must be near perfect to avoid being destroyed by a variety of punishing creatures.

    The game features a combination of excitement and addictiveness; levels become increasingly challenging as you progress! With a comical, sci-fi theme and hidden puzzles, the player will encounter a multitude of Alien critters with various attacking attributes and abilities.

    Can you survive the onslaught of invading alien marauders?

    I hope anyone who downloads enjoys it!

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