Covy Rush : a Flappy Bird alternative

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  • Covy Rush is an action game where you must help Covy, the little white rabbit, to avoid angry blocks. Covy Rush has a simple gameplay, but challenging to masterize. For me, Covy Rush is a excellent Flappy Bird alternative, is'nt it ?

    Goals is to help "Covy" to avoid the angry blocks and to catch all the carrots. It seem to be simple but it's not.

    To play, slide your finger on the screen to adjust the angle of jump, then release your finger at the right moment to make "Covy" jump and avoid the blocks. In the same time, try to collect the carrots to speed up and score up. This mean of jumping is really accurate, and allow you to done correct jump.

    To play, download it from the windows phone store : or flash the QRCode in the picture above.

  • I'd try it, but I'm not part of the 3% of the market that owns a windows phone...

  • Graphics looks cool but unfortunately no windows phone. Why not upload a demo movie?

  • I will check this out when my Windows Phone comes back from repair. Looks good!

  • Being one of the 3%, i was able to play the game today. The graphics are nice, motion is smooth. Some instructions at the beginning would be nice. I'm really not sure how to clear the double blocks, and there's no chance at the beginning to play around with the controls.

    Nice looking game though!

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  • Looks nice but no Windows Phone...

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