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    ? Info

        This was originally a game made for Ludum Dare in under 72h and we are now expanding it.

    ? ?Cosmic Canvas is a strategy/defense game that combines elements from the tower defense genre with space shooters for something completely different.

    ? ?In Cosmic Canvas, your object is to create a planet by combining base materials. Once your planet reaches its early development stages, it begins to produce different materials, which are your weapon against invading forces whose only objective is to destroy your planet.

    ? ?By combining the 3 base materials, you can form 27 different final planets.

    There are 9 types of materials you can attack with, each complementing each other in protecting your weaknesses.

    ? ?It's all about evolution. When you evolve, your enemies evolve. And you must find ways to counter their powers, either using the right combination of materials or through upgrades.

    ? ?The game will be available online in game portals and on the AppStore for iPad and Google WebStore for Android

        An early version is available through the Ludum Dare website

    ? New Features

        9 Materials - They are your weapons. Each does something different against enemies

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        Traps - Traps can be loaded with materials. Some activate by collision, some by a timer. They can be used to increase the material effect or power.

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        Enemy Types - Enemies are resistant or weak against certain materials, in a rock-paper-scissors fashion.

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    Organic - Non-organic - Metalic</center>

    ? Pictures


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    Dead Pixel Games


  • Interesting concept once I figured out how it worked. Could definitely use a tutorial though, despite the instructions on the LD page.

    My main complaint is that some of the mouse click targets are just too small, making for some frustrating clicking and missing.

    Full screen mode would definitely help in a game like this where you have to click on such small objects that are moving fast across the screen.

    Cool idea though, congratulations on finishing.

  • KidsOnTheBeat (btw, cool name)

    We didn't have time to include a tutorial, but we will in the final version. Also, we are considering removing the click+drag mechanism for a just click

    Thanks for commenting ;)

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