CORNFLAKE CRISIS now has a Steam page! Coming soon :D

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    Play as a succession of happy-go-lucky cornflakes on a completely stupid hand-drawn platforming quest!

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  • I LOOVE the hand drawn art! I'm not a big plat former player but your video made me want to play it! Can I ask, 1. How did you draw all of the art and import? 2. What physical size did you draw all of your artwork? For example, did you think you wanted a 1080 screen so you made your drawing canvas 1080 pixels and then your cornflakes lets say 64x64? I am struggling to find good solid advice on the actual size that I should draw game sprites.

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  • Hey, thank you for the kind words! All of the art was drawn with Autodesk Sketchbook, exported as transparent PNGs for importing into Construct. Most of the art was drawn at the size that it displays on-screen (the game runs at 720p because honestly, this type of art really doesn't need 1080p) except for some of the really big background assets (mountains and planets and the like), which were drawn at 50% scale and enlarged in the C2 layout editor (this can work well for assets that are supposed to look a little fuzzy!)

    I was considering maybe making some behind-the-scenes videos at some point - don't know if that might interest you? :)

  • I would be very interested in seeing that because I have been using/learning sketchbook pro ever since they released it for free. I actually just drew my wife a card for Valentines day using Sketchbook lol and I have started drawing a few sprites for my short game with it. I would be interested to see how you set up your brushes and how you created the any animations. It is looking great!

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