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  • Hey guys I made a pretty cool Controller Test (its going to be an option in the Options Menu in a Project I'm making) since I finished the piecing together the programming side I thought I would share :D

    Its not final I have lots of polish to do for it but that wont come till WAY later.

    Feedback would be nice as well for people without 360 Controllers trying to test it.

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  • This worked.

    The video might be crap, just a demo.

    However it did work succesfully accept of course the 'xbox live' ring button.

    PM me if you need xbox controller stuff testing again or Sulli me on here to get my attention <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    P.S. that recording software took me half an hour to get :P Fraps sucks as does this other one I tried <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Good to see there is a full support.

    Speaking about it, I was asking myselft recently if there is a way to use vibrations as well? (can't see the option)

  • It works perfectly with my 360 pad!

  • Thanks for feedback guys fixing to upload the game it goes with, having ALOT of troubles with the little features so far

  • Fixing to post link to new Thread with the current project I'm working on.

    Lots-o-Bugs too... lol


  • Hi. Is it possible to download the capx file for this? I tried to add controller support to my new game but it does not seem to do anything. But in your demo everything works fine. But it would be great to see what you did different.

  • hmm I made this a while ago I can see if I still have it

    I FOUND IT! however your going to need 2 behaviors in order to run the capx

    Go download RexRainbow's repository plugin installer and install the Slowdown Behavior and the Rotate Behavior then the capx will work.

    Once in the capx you will see my old game I was working on and never got around to finishing because of money issues and not having time to work on it :( (I might pick it back up and start working on it again) BUT once your in the capx there will be the Controller Layout and Controller Event Sheet click on those two and you can see it all if you or ANYBODY not understanding it I'm willing to explain how I did it just message me your question.


  • works perfectly under Chrome, but not with FF :(

  • works perfectly under Chrome, but not with FF :(

    I'm a chrome guy myself (used to love firefox until google made a browser)

    I'm not sure why firefox does not support controllers yet but I know chrome is the best to work with when it comes to HTML5.

  • Also of note, remember that IE does not support gamepad API at this point...

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