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  • Well I've been trying out C2 for the last couple of weeks and been loving it so far. Figured the best way to start off was try prototyping some old nes games. After going through mario, figured it was time to give contra a shot.

    Below is a link to html5 test and the capx file for you guys to check out, look for bugs, feedback and hopefully maybe ways to optimize it better.

    Test includes moving and aiming in all directions, ducking, jumping, firing in all directions and jump down through platforms. Additionally I started tinkering around with changing with weapon powerups before running out of events.

    The animations are changed with variables. The player is made up of a collision box that changes size on jumping and crouching, a torso half, and a foot half. This was done so the player could player different animations while running.

    known bugs/issues:

    -animation for the bullets will change on the fly with a weapon pick up.

    I see why this is happening, but still figuring out a better way to change the bullet, rate of fire and fire sound easier.

    -player will keep playing run animations against walls. This is intentional. The original contra did the same.

    -Sounds aren't working for me in IE9. Runs fine in Chrome. I don't think this is C2 fault at all.

    -Not very happy with how I did the weapon changing, and handling the fire events. Believe there could be a better way.

    Contrls: asdw to move. space bar to jump. l to fire. press down and jump to jump down through platforms.

    live test:

    HTML5 live test

    capx file:

    Capx file rar

  • Numpad+ to fire is cumbersome on a laptop with no numpad, but otherwise cool.

  • Thanks for sharing the Cap Rev, this is pretty good. Love seeing contra with a bigger resolution!

    Whats next?

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  • I was talking about Contra have 30 minutes ago ^^

    Awesome to see this old school game style again xD

  • thanks for the feedback so far. I'll change the fire key to something easier for laptops. Also discovered a bug when falling and shooting down not working.

    Would additionally like to find a way to get the weapon switching working better within the event restraints. Even after purchasing C2, would still like to get this working smoothly under the 100 events.

    After this I'd like to take a shot at something similar to punch out/infinity Blade and ninja gaiden/castlevania movement. NG/CV are the same thing except for speed & climbing. From there various types of platform AI.

    My hope is that these will serve as good examples for others to use or to show that C2 can pull this stuff off easily.


    Updated the test and source. trimmed down the code some more, added another weapon, tweaked some sounds, added the missing sounds, and fixed firing down while falling. also changed the fire key to l Unless someone has an idea on how to trim the code down further or optimize it, this one is complete.

  • Nice engine, very similar to original

    it's run smooth for me with firefox, great job :)

  • Here is a working link to Rev's great example. Rev if for whatever reason you werent sharing this on purpose let me know and i'll remove it.

  • Oh, this is unfortunate :(

    Looks like the first version, not updated one. I am unable to even shoot because my laptop doesn't have numpad.

  • No worries, try again, I switched it to use H instead. If you want it set to a diff key just look at the events sheet and double click on any H is pressed, H is down event and change the key ;)

  • Oh, ok, thanks :)

    I wonder if there's the possibility that the Contra6.rar updated version (with the new gun powerup) is still stored on that site for download. Call it a collector's obsession :P

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