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    Hi everyone, I started this little Tetris clone as a way for testing Construct 2 and I think it's close to being fun and finished, so here it is! :)

    I just posted the latest release (1.6) on Scirra Arcade at this address:

    The point system is heavily based on the GameBoy version; you get point for your softdrops and when deleting the lines; the higher the level, the more points you get for a deleted line. There are 20 levels in the game, with the latest ones being quite hard.

    I'm going to put it on Google Play sooner or later, but right now there is a big framerate drop when you delete a line and the particles are on screen; I need to understand what's the problem, since I don't think 30 particles (one line) should be a problem neither for my S2 nor for my Note2.

    Being just a test, I think the game is now feature complete and I only think to actually fix some minor issues and paint some better pixelartesque graphics for its background when I'll have the time.

    The virtual pad is having 8 different directions and 3+2 buttons. It has a buffer system that can recognize sequences (you can do an hadoken for instance) though I disabled the buffering parts in Constructris. I hope to use them in the next game! The pad in the promo shot is having 4 buttons but I recently dropped one and went for 3, which are more than enough for my needs.

    I hope you will have fun playing and please let me know if you spot any bug or weird stuff going on!

    EDIT: I noticed that another game (8BitBoy) has the same music as my one. Even more awkward, its creator chose the same opening tune I did out of the 16 tracks Erik Skiff composed in the Resistor Anthems I & II albums. This coincidence kinda sucks and I don't think I'll ever use free stuff again for my games; of course if something is free and wonderful as Erik Skiff chip-tunes then it's very probable someone else is finding it and using it :) ... what makes it so bad for me is that it was used by another C2 user and it is the same song in the same context (main menu) as I did. That being said, I'll probably change the music for the final release (the 1.8), I'm seeing if I can buy some track or maybe compose it on my own.

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