Constructor Dude - My first game

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    My first game "Constructor Dude" is now finished and available at Scirra Arcade. It's a platformer and I wouldn't say there's much originality in it, but I tried to create some interesting challenges on level design and focused to make it a game with good mood and fun to play.

    I would like to get some feedback.

    I started this as an exercise in game making and didn't think I would be making anything special. Now I'm bit unsure what I should do with it now. Work more to make it better? Or leave it as it is and move to new and more original project?

    Few words about my background. 4 months ago I didn't know anything about making games or drawing computer graphics. I don't play any musical instrument and I had never made music with computer either. I started with zero skills and now I have created everything in this game (It's not that much but makes me proud anyway).

  • For a first game this was very good. I liked the level design very much. You got talent!

  • This is probably the best 'first-game' I'd ever played. The game reminds me of classic Lode Runner. I like the character, the graphic, sound FXs. Control is intuitive, and your music is fun to listen to! Everything has a 'Cute' charm to it. Very solid, great work!

  • Thank you for positive comments. Maybe I will expand this game with more levels later, but now I'm working with new ideas. One is a puzzle game inspired by Rubik's cube. Another one is a touch-to-shoot game inspired by the legendary Duck Hunt.

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  • Nice piece of work. My only criticism would be the 'introductory' level is quite difficult

    Your ideas for a next project are very sensible - do something completely different.

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