Construct2 used in science project

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  • I've been teaching my 9 year old son how to use Construct2, of course he loves games and I figured teaching him the logic of programming while having fun would be a great way to learn.

    Anyway, his science project title was "Could I lift a grizzly bear on the dwarf planet Pluto?", and so with a little of my help he made a program in Construct2 to help demonstrate the effects of gravity on different planets. He was the only one in the school who had a project anything like this, he got to run it on the "Smartboard" (projector hooked to PC) for his class so that was cool, and also made it into an app.

    If you have an Android device you can check it out: ... nceproject

    Note: I realize it's not a "great" game/app, and needs polish to be better, but for what he did I thought it was pretty good. But I'm sure being his dad I'm biased and this was the first program he's done on his own. In his school they teach the "Scratch" program which is a very basic GUI programming tool so he was already kinda familiar with logic.

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  • Thaaaaaat is awesome! : D Nice work by your son.

    My little brothers are also starting in scratch, but I'm trying to get 'em to switch over to C2. : )

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