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  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Renita and some friends and I are making a game with Construct 2. Our game is a fun and feature packed homage to classic platformer games.

    I've started a Kickstarter campaign for it that you can seehere.

    The plan isn't just to make a really fun platformer that both casual gamers and hard core console veterans can enjoy, but also to help encourage and inspire the next generation of game makers by showing them how easy to learn and awesome to use Construct 2 is!

    We'll not only be making game art tutorial videos, but also videos which show step by step how easy it is to change art, add animated objects and even ?program in? new game play features using Construct 2.

    This game is going to be loaded with cool classic game play features like dashing, wall bouncing (triangle jump), stomping, brick breaking, grappling hook swinging, fireball throwing and more. The player can swap back and forth between two controllable characters at will, each with some very different abilities. This also lets the other character rest and regain health.

    As an extra cool bonus for Construct2 users, we're going to be giving the entire game engine (as well as the finished game of course) away for backers who pledge 55 dollars or more to the campaign.

    I've got help from some skilled and passionate industry professionals, like Mark Falcon (rock musician and lead singer of Shotgun Alley) and Michael Parent, veteran 2d game artist, Construct 2 user and co-creator of Spriter.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out, and if you like the project, please help spread the word and build support.

    -Renita Orellana

  • Wow, very well done.

    Looking good and hope you get the funding for it.

  • I love it, but if you had much more fluid/dynamic looking animations, it would just be so much more visually pleasing.

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  • Thank you for the luck and the feedback! Our team is definitely planning on smoothing out the animations, and adding a lot more dynamic gameplay.

    You can find WIPs of my environment work on my blog:

  • Badly I can't afford you, Our country is not welcome to KS.

  • Looks great but you need to increase that animations speed. It'll make things more dynamic and compatible with the game pace. Maybe make animations with more frames too. Other thing is walking animation. Make it more like a run animation. More fast paced. Otherwise the game will feel boring. My 2c :D

  • should open an indiegogo campaign kickstarter doesn't allow asian countries :(

  • Oh, hey! I saw this a little while back when one of the guys who worked on Spriter posted a video about it. Good luck!

    I do agree that the animations need to be faster paced.

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