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  • I love using construct 2 for all sorts of projects. Websites, games, ebooks its an amazing tool.

    This is the "beta" version of a friends band website im working on. It's both adventurous for gamers OR to the point with the use of clicking or touching.

    Will let ya all know when its done later this month. The band is also really good if ya ask me, they are releasing a vinyl soon in Toronto. The website doesnt have their tunes on there yet tho. ;)

  • yeah me too

    superb software

  • Miceal

    I loved the clouds.

    Can you please share some tips on how you did that.

  • Looks great! I'll be updating my site soon as soon as I move servers and will be putting HTML5 elements created by C2 as banners and buttons while using wordpress to handle the rest.

    A hybrid like this will allow the text content of my site to be searchable by search crawlers.

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  • Ah thats interesting Isometric! Good idea too!

  • The clouds are all photoshop.

    Make yourself a cloud however which way you want on a transparent background. Copy it, paste it on a new layer below the cloud but make it black by darkening it. Save the file as a PNG.

    Next bring it into construct through use of a sprite. Then go to opacity of the could sprite and put it at 50 or whatever looks good to your eye.

    Add a bullet behaviour which ever direction you want and BANG. Got yourself some top down clouds.

  • oh and of course put the clouds on a layer above everything else.

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