Construct 2 Project Resizer / Rescaler

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  • I wanted to resize one of my projects and found out there's no easy way to do this in construct 2 so i wrote an application which does what i needed.

    Maybe someone else will find this usefull too.

    Requires the .NET Framework to be installed.

    Download: CLICK ME TO DOWNLOAD!!!

    How to use:

    1. Make a Backup

    2. Make a Backup!!!

    3. Load your project into the program and set the new Project Resolution.

    4. Hit the Re-Scale! Button and pray that it works :D

    This only adjusts the Layouts and all objects in them.

    Make sure your new target resolution has the same aspect ratio as the current one or your objects will get stretched.

    Adjusting the X/Y/Width/Height in the Eventsheet makes no sense since every game has different requirements... so you'll have to sort that out manually.

    Here is how the Program looks:

    And here an example of what it does:

    Original Size:

    Smaller Size:

    Bigger Size:

  • I will give it a try when i finish 'the game', hope it works fine thank you!

  • Tagged for future reference.

  • Thats AWESOME Ize! Great work.



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  • This is one hell of a beautiful tool, if it works.. Anyone tested it yet? I'll give it shot once I'm back from work.

  • need to give this a try! :)

    would adopting to different devices way easier!

  • Fantastic work Ize, this'll make things much easier!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  • Great Idea!!

    I guess you just iterate through the project files, applying the scaling on object/layout sizes?!

    Doesn't seem to work for me tho :(

    It just sits on "Writing re-scaled project..." with no activity ?!

    I traced it in procmon to confirm and it's definitely doing nothing! At least before hitting "Re-Scale" it referenced in the Rich Text control DLL a billion times :)

    After opening the project it seems to have set the project screen size but nothing else?!

    I'm using Win8.1 64-bit btw



  • It's a great idea, but it still needs a bit more work. It seems when re-scaling it doesn't seem to be-able to re-scale float values with 3 or more decimal places. An object with values at 5.517 that are re-scaled with a scale factory of 0.5 becomes 2758620672 instead of 2.758. Other then that, its great. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    It just seems to be a conversion issue that needs fixing. Maybe Ashley or Tom could consider making something official like this? It seems very useful.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys.

    liaeb can you upload a simple .capx that has this problem?

    retrodude the only thing i could imagine is that i didn't take the decimal seperator into account (us = . / eu = ,) etc. so that might be what's causing the calculation error...

    Could you also upload a simple .capx which isn't converted correctly?

    I'll get right on it! :D

  • I'm in the middle of trying to re-size a tough one right now.

    Already re-sized Pucked and Orbital Bomb-Bounder, and those are now on the arcade. But my Chick game is a challenge. Lots of parallax.

    I will wait for your fix to try before I fight it anymore.

  • Hi Ize

    My problem was project related! I'm not surprised though as I've had a number of issues with it so far :( Maybe now's the time to port all my hard work to another fresh start... *sigh*

    I retested on a fresh project tho and it worked as expected! Wooohoo :P

    Mods surely this post should get a sticky?!

  • OK cool... one bug out of the way! :D

    Once retrodude posts a .capx i'll try to fix the problem he mentioned too

  • Nice tool. Can't wait for all the bugs to be worked out.

  • Ize

    My bad, a capx file probably would have made things easier for you.

    Here's the unchanged resolution:

    Here's a scaled down version with a scale rate of 0.5:

    It's as you mentioned with the decimal seperators. When the sizes of an object are within 2 or above decimal places the images don't quite scale down properly after conversion. I know people don't normally use sizes that are within the 2+ decimal places but it maybe good to consider it. It's a useful tool after all, so keep up the good work.

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