Construct 2 + Java Module Player = Epicness?

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  • I've played around with calling external javascripts using the browser object and this is the result:

    <img src="" border="0">

    CLICK ME!!!

    Not much to look at but thats not the point heh :D

    When the player changes the layout a javascript is fired which tells the embedded java applet to play a different song.

    Tracker Modules are a few KB instead of a few MB of the converted .ogg or the other strange format c2 uses normally for audio files.

    If your browser asks for permission to execute say YES :D

    I've tested this and it works fine in chrome & firefox.

    Audio is a bit "meh" in firefox but the layout transitions run smoother

    In chrome the audio is better but there is slight delay on the layout change.

    the applet is from

    Oh and the controls for the cube dude:

    left right to move

    up to jump

    shift to pick up cubes and throw them (use your momementum :D)

    esc to pause and unpause the "game"

    touch the edges of a layout (or jump in the hole) to change to the next if available...

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