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  • I started using Construct 2 some time ago, and have been playing around with different option for the game I am making.

    Last night I came to the conclusion that i would like to share my experiences with someone (maybe so that I dont feel totally alone about this :-)

    So... i have started a blog... with started being the keyword. For now there is not that much content on the blog, but I wanted to post the link here in case anyone would be interested in following the progress of the game.

    So jump by if you got a minute....

    And setup a feed if you like. More content will come in the near future.

    Edit: I have just added a post with a link to tech research for the game and some graphics.

    Btw: its a "tower defense" game if you wonder... but you can see that on the blog :-)

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  • A development blog is a great way to stay motivated while your work.

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