Construct Castles at War (Strategy)

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  • Hi there!

    My very first Construct 2 game "Castle Construct" was released back in February 2013 and now I have polished and changed the game in almost every possible way.

    I've changed the name to "Construct Castles at War", because I've released a RPG Maker VX Game called "Castles at War" which gameplay mechanics are like the ones of this game.

    So "Construct Castles at War" is a Strategy-Game, that puts you in the position of a Lord, which has to defend his castle and manage to defeat his enemy.

    You can build seven different buildings and must handle attacks from wild animals, the enemy Lord, thieves and fire.

    I will add more content and improvements from time to time. If you have any idea or suggestion feel free to say it.

    Play it here

    Have Fun! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • freezing rain.

    Man I don't know if I just need to "Git Gud" but, this game is beyond hard. I did seriously 7 play throughs on normal and every one went about the same.

    Build camp

    Thieves have robbed you

    Build Village

    Thieves have robbed you

    Build Barrack

    Thieves have robbed you

    Get maybe two defensive units

    Maybe get another villager if thieves haven't fully pillage my land.

    The Enemy has arrived

    One of your units quits his service


    Even if I change it up and hire units early, they still just quit randomly before any enemies show up, and don't worry! Because if they do stay around till that point they will quit at the first sight of invasion.

    It seems that the revenue production times need to be cut in half in order to get a sizable defense up in time. Or maybe the enemy shouldn't start with 20 units.

  • Many thanks for playing! :)

    I've tested it on normal around thousand times without bigger problems, but I'm the dev, so I know the game... hmm... just let me tweak the balance a bit more...

    The first thing you should build is a village with a second and maybe a third villager. The camp has a slow production, so it isn't a good choice to start with.

    But I'm still working on a good balance... just needed a tester, who didn't made the game.^^

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  • I really like the idea of the game. I lost pretty quickly on easy though. With some polish i think you could have something really addicting

  • freezing rain

    Well I managed to actually claim victory by seriously the hair on my chin.

    I think the game doesn't scale very well, it's very hard at first but if you get a lucky start its way easy the rest of the game.

    Maybe have a siege unit and have the enemy have a "castle" with health that only siege units can bring down.

    Also maybe like three house spots that must be built in order to increase villagers after 2 or 3 of em. As well as another barracks spot, and having a cap on attack units/siege units. The enemy should attack in smaller numbers, starting very infrequent to very often in higher numbers. Maybe have them go after the houses too.

    I really liked the game though once I was able to get running. Definitely addicting.

  • So with the new Update to v3.5 I've added new music and a new building; the Well, which can prevent your buildings from burning down. ;)

    I've also changed a few little things about the balancing.

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