Construct 2 (also 3) Ray Casting Game Template now available

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  • Make your own ray-casting FPS style games in Construct 2 or Construct 3!

    Template here:

    Demo here:


    Fully documented game template to make your own 3d ray-casting games in Construct 2 with no 3d plugins!

    Comes with Ready-to-build Construct 3 c3p project as well.

    6 fully commented and documented capx projects to start from.


    Requires Simple Mouse Lock plugin available here:


    With the barebones template:

    Easily edit your 2d map with wall objects to create any level layout you want

    Walls can be any angle and even different heights

    Add your own wall textures and custom objects

    Add dynamic lighting to your levels with light objects

    Standard FPS controls including a limited ability to look up and down

    Built-in simple AI for enemies to follow and shoot at the player

    Player health meter, HUD and simple FPS shooting

    Doors can require a key

    Solid color floor and ceiling or solid floor and scrolling open sky for outdoor areas

    Zones for changing music, lighting, floor and ceiling, or teleporting the player, triggering events

    Special Wall3dF objects allow for some walls to have windows or transparent areas

    Objects can be always facing the player, pseudo-facing a certain direction or appear fully 3d with point-of-view frames

    How-to videos

    How to make a ray casting game from scratch (2 videos)

    How the Mummy Temple demo works, how to add textures, objects, weapons (2 videos)

    I take you from a blank Construct 2 project to a textured ray casting fps walk-thru and explain how each step works.

    26-page document on how to use the bare bones ray casting template to make your own games.

    Use the template, projects, media to make your own SINGLE commercial or UNLIMITED non commercial projects.

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  • Nicely done! Looks good and fast.

  • Good job!

    Although the perspective needs work.

    It has some atan style artifact (probably after fisheye correction?).


  • Thanks! The ray to wall-height uses the cosine of the angle times the ray width basically to get the straight perpendicular line from the screen.

    There's a variable that sets the wall height relative to the distance value and that gives you different perspective looks. It's one of those things to play with to get the "feel" you want.

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