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  • My first game in Scirra arcade. The game is top down puzzle, you have to navigate the player using a left click mouse button. The grass is safe to walk if you touch the rocks you will die. They are also numerous other obstacles you have to avoid.

    The game is currently available on Scirra and Kongregate only and for PC . The game will be published on other gaming sites very soon. And in the future i am planning a mobile version.

    If you enjoyed the game, you can fallow me on facebook and twitter where i will post my updates and news about the games i am developing.

    link to the game Scirra Kongregate

    I am open to all suggestions, and all feedback is appreciated, I hope you enjoy the game.

  • I quite like the point n click gameplay here, but I think the "Rocks=death" thing is bad idea... maybe it could be a chasm or lava, but killing the player for touching the wall is not a good game mechanic.

    Also this:

    This is not fun for a player to look at. I don't think you need to tell the player everything all at once.

    Most players enjoy figuring things out for themselves.

    Anyway, sorry for the negatives. I wish you all the best for your game and future games

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  • Thanks for the feedback, I don't think its negative at all.

    About the rock texture I can change it to lava, but that would be the same thing, you would still die if you touch it. About the tutorial I might divide it into smaller ones that show up on every level when there is a new thing ( That will be on my future upgrade list).

    I am now looking for bugs and trying to fix them as soon as possible, when that is fixed all divide the tutorial.

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