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  • This is the first game I've ever fully completed with Construct 2, the only thing I might add is a BG music track. Unlockable characters, High Scores, and an ending screen. This is an admittedly odd combination of an arcade and typing game. Any feedback or crits are very welcome! ... index.html

    [attachment=0:1uqfdn9x]conhero title1.jpg[/attachment:1uqfdn9x]

  • Hello Sean,

    First of all, your game as a great name, when I saw it on the threads list, it give me desire to play it. Concierge Hero sound like a fun game to play.

    And it was fun to play ! But one thing i find sad is that there is no really stress you know. I can only put my concierge at the desk and just wait for customers to come and let the entry become a dump. Or just taking care of the trash and let the customer wait forever.

    Personnally, i think it could be fun if we had to taking care of everything (Don't let the customers wait to much, keep the entry a bit clean) like a concierge should do.

    However, the graphics are nice and i find the concept fun, nice job

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  • This is great, my new fave C2 game!

  • Nice work!

  • This is a really great game. It is original, fun, challenging, and I love the art style!

    I agree with momo, making the game a little more "needy" would make it really great. You could have the customers get annoyed after awhile and then leave and you could also have a trash meter or something for when the lobby gets dirty.

  • Very nice game, cool concept, I was expecting something else when I saw it, but it was better

  • Very cool idea. I would make it more challenging

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