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Welcome! I-Spy (Hidden objects) is an educational puzzle that is more than just seek-and-find activities.
  • Just a few days ago I was playing Machinarium on my iPad 2. I think everybody knows this game, to me it’s probably one of the most indie puzzle point-and-click adventure games ever designed. I am personally very fond of these kinds of games and as a game designer I have been mostly focused working on stuff like this lately. One of the features Machinarium offers is the ability to combine objects as you pick them along the way. Nothing particularly special, we all have already seen this feature in a great variety of games even before Amanita Design released Machinarium. Anyway, I started to see if it was possible to replicate said feature on Construct 2 and after playing around with the tools I came along with something pretty similar.

    I kept this very simple, you basically have a yellow triangle and a blue circle. When the two objects are combined together you obtain a green square. It doesn't matter which object you choose as you will end up with the same result in the end.

    Here you can download the capx for reference. Please feel free to comment if you feel like sharing your personal point of view. I’m pretty sure someone in the community has already come up with something like this with a much better approach than I did.

    Thank you for your time!



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