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  • **I'm going to leave this post as is, but make a new post for endrage under works in progress since I keep editing it.

    I used Construct 2 to remake an iOS wallpaper/screensaver app of mine. The Objective-C version was thousands of lines of code. The Construct 2 version is less than 120 events! Colorful shapes swirl around in formations. I have been told it pairs nicely with music. Alternatively, you can save an image to use as a wallpaper (or for whatever purpose.) Construct 2 also enabled me to allow people to use their own small images in the designs.

    The app is free:

    On the Chrome Web Store:

    Or directly at

    *Edit: The "endrage" C2 version is now 209 events, but it does both the whirl and spiral now. There are some bugs...

    ** with clouds

  • Very awesome... This project show the power of C2.

  • I concure, this is genius. It does go well with music and it's fun to watch all the formations take shape. Sometimes it even starts to look 3D. Going to bookmark this.

    Sometimes when messing with the settings nothing would appear though, except a single shape that would move around. Messing around with the settings some generally made it work normally.

    A few features I'd love to see:

    -Multiple color palettes (just rainbow pattern is a bit boring after a while)

    -Some more intricate images like Flower 1. Those look really cool while moving.

  • I noticed that issue with the single shape, but not until having moved on to other projects.

    -I've done beyond rainbow cycles in other versions. It does make for some great visuals.

    -More built-in, intricate designs is a great idea. Were you able to use your own images? (usually small ones containing red work best)

    If anyone wants to play around with it the source for this project is at

    (it may not be the most recent version. It is zipped under Files. 1.6 I believe. Sorry for the disaster that is my coding style.)

    I am never sure which open source license to go with. MIT sure seems to be the most straight forward. I do not even know if and Construct 2 are compatible licensing wise...

    I'm fairly new at C2, and even more so to this forum. It is GREAT to get feedback. Would it be better to just upload the .capx as an attachment, if anyone is interested?

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    They are based on

    -Improved graphics(?)

    -Extremely increased system requirements

    Can anyone run extreme, smoothly, on the Big Design setting?

    And, yes, it has a cross in it, but here is the capx. Feel free to change it.

    Transparency/Opacity seems to really impact draw calls. WAY more than anything else. The scaling of the Laser sprites doesn't help any.


    -Added a Whirl and a Centered formation

    -Randomized the color shifts a bit more

    -Adjusted some min/max settings

    -Explosion now starts off a bit more explosively

    -Auto/random size changes now take effect over time, instead of abruptly

    It does run into the screen tearing in Chrome in the Whirl formation.

    I'm all for better stock images, just not sure where/what to use.

  • Thanks for the resource arrall that looks awesome.

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