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  • <font color=orange><font size="6">Color Shooter V0.3</font>


    This is the thread for my upcoming game "Color Shooter". This is the thread for anyone interested or just want to see what to come in the future. Game bugs and suggestions would be nice ;)


    -Added Red enemies(Health:5)

    -Enemies shoot at the player when close

    -Enemies shoot Grey bullets

    -Enemies shot with wrong color regains all health

    -Enemies shot with correct color lose one health

    -Player health system


    -Added a small color instruction HUD

    -Bullets to each color

    To do list:

    -Destroy player when playerhealth<=0

    -Enemies and the player can not walk through eachother


    -Remove black rectangles around sprites

    -Add green, blue, yellow, aqua and magneta enemies

    -Add secret orange whale that eats salad

    -Rainbow bullets

    -Enemies drops rainbow coins

    -Rainbow bullets rechargebar

    -Add more things to the "To do list"

    Give your opinion on what needs to be fixed, and/or suggestions as a reply to this thread.

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