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  • Colony.x (working title) is a side view real time strategy game I am developing with construct 2...

    Decided to make a dev log to keep interested parties upto speed on development of the game...

    general gameplay will involve defeating the rival colony on a distant planet, using resource management and military might...

    The first main challenge of the game is the side on view, which allows units to be able to overlap, this can turn into potential confusion when selecting units so my first challenge is to make this as intuitive as possible...

    I have divided the units into four general categories being:

    1. Ground based non military units (for resource collection and repairs)

    2. Ground based miltary units (for defence and attack)

    3. Ground based vehicles (for speed of movement and resouce collection)

    4. Air based vehicles (for defence attack and speed of movement)

    My system uses a command box to select one or more units,with the left mouse button, which can then be cycled through with the right button, allowing you to filter unwanted selections or give orders to groups in quick succession...

    So far graphics are sparse but I will post a few screen shots and hopefully a video at a later date...

    Still on the lookout for any space related graphics to throw into the ideas bag so anyone willing to chip in is more than welcome...

  • Ok so here is a screenshot showing a few of the units I have got so far and a building or two, yes the grey blob on the right is a building...

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • pixel perfick

    hi, almost missed this thread; they soon become hidden..

    Thanks for starting this dev log ..

    The spacemen look really good; are these your own graphics?

    will we get to see the ground based units? and a demo of what happens when you select the units..

    It sounds interesting and quite a challenge..

  • mineet Thanks, yes the graphics are all mine, I did make a bit of a mistake with this screenshot as it is zoomed in making it look more like a platformer... <img src="smileys/smiley8.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    These are some of the ground based units...! but I have some vehicles in the pipeline...

    Hoping to update with more info including details of movement and selection soon...

  • pixel perfick

    hi thanks for your reply..

    I look forward to seeing more of your work.

  • pixel perfick

    hi hows your game coming along?

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