Collapse Puzzle under 50 Events

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  • Blocksy, prove of code to achieve collapse puzzle like game.

    Tap on touch device or click using mouse to pop & crush all the blocks.

    I provided the capx, maybe someone could learn something from it and improve his/her own puzzle!

    <scroll down a bit for capx>

    Tell me what you think alextro2013-10-14 15:39:54

  • great demo man, like mr driller! thx for sharing

  • ghost

    Sure sharing will help improve the game development. At this stage I focused on performance and stability. I haven't really play Mr. Driller. So thanks for telling me what my demo looks like.

  • alextro: This is great! I had plans to start my own Collapse type game in the future after I finish Alien Crusader, but this will be a good framework to start with. Thank you.

  • Nice Share, very smooth.

    Other game mode possible with you template

    1 - after the block hit for destroy, check the block that can be destroy too for combo ;)

    2 - generate new block on top :)

    3 - limited time and/or move + score limite to reach :)

  • Great to have someone in the same boat! My intention is to create working demo as a basic mechanic for fully complete game.


    Nice suggestions! I thought about 2 mode: one is level target score and second is clear all blocks.

  • I like it, now I can create a game similar to Collapse.

  • Sure try it.

    Update version is here:

    On this version I made them simple without music, text, score, neither animated background.

    Added speed acceleration & fancy dash effect

    It even faster & snappier!

    live updatealextro2013-10-31 09:31:15

  • how would you go about making more blocks drop down from the top?

    Love the example, runs smooth and fast.

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  • xanxion

    Sorry for late response. Yes I thought about making the game maybe in 2 mode:

    • Rain of blocks, which is falling block could do extra combo


    • Casual play. More like puzzle solving on fix amount of blocks

    Current progress more focused on spriting & applied extra mechanism.

    Glad someone still looking the demo <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for the reply, great id?as. Let me know if you ever create it!

    Still love this example, one of the best on the forum ive seen!

  • xanxion

    Just a beta level to test with. Introduce combo mechanic with score multiplier.

    Hey.. I think I am closer to the core of gameplay

    Next time will be a new thread about 'Touch on Blocks' development.

  • Looks really good, great job! alot more fun and engaging!

    Looking forward to more updates!

  • Very nice.

  • It's a good thing you visit & drop a comment Mminds

    I don't expect someone still looking into this thread and test the example. Lately I managed to make everything fast and flow but it leaves guest works on the code.

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