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  • keepee, the original Shockwave game is truly a gem.

    There are people who have expressed interest on the Internet for a modern remake of Spybot, and I intend to give it to them. It won't be the same game, but the mechanics will more or less be the same.

    Also, here is the first video devlog for this project, which is now called CoHack!


  • All issues concerning player program movement and parts orientation are now fixed.

    I've also implemented program attacking, although you won't be able to test it due to the computer not having any behavior right now.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I've also deleted an entire family, reorganized code, added some functions to replace repeated tasks, and more. The .capx should be slightly easier to understand for people who might be trying to use it as a reference.

  • Here's another update. The AI is slowly coming along, but it's not complete. However, this is significant progress, at least to me anyway.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    The 'default behavior' is mostly implemented, but it only works for a single AI program. During the computer's turn, the AI will pathfind to the nearest player target, then pathfind again to find a series of moves, then move accordingly. At the end of the movement, attack highlighting occurs, which is what you see in the picture.

    The .capx is mostly commented, but a lot of it is very complex and potentially confusing. I apologize to anyone who might be using it for reference at the moment - I will clean up the events and try to optimize some of the tasks once I am completely finished with the AI behavior.

  • I have but one complaint: you compiled the game in the latest beta release. 120 mb is a big download for me. Other than that, I'm going to try to learn from your program, and maybe even create Checkers in Construct 2.

  • The beta releases have this thing called a debugger. It has sped up my development progress significantly, and I don't see any reason not to download it.

  • It's still a twenty minute download and it has yet to complete as I write this post.

    As an inquiry into your workflow, how does it speed up your development process?

  • The debugger feature is Fantastic - especially for arrays.

    Cohack is looking fantastic <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> better and better each time I see it

    Edit: Just found this, makes for some interesting reading.

  • Hey there dude , long time no see , any progress on this ?

  • Whiteclaws - He is stuck on AI - no takers for developing it in paid section.

    Would be great if Excal could write exactly what he wants the AI to do, I think at the moment it seems a bit intimidating. Break it up into sections/tasks.

    I'm sure there are enough heads to figure it out.

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  • The AI is semi-working, and I suppose I should clarify a bit for those who haven't been following the project.

    Here's what I want the AI to do:

    1. Find the closest player object that can be reached. I used pathfinding to determine this because the closest player object is not necessarily the closest one that can be reached due to holes in the grid that prevent movement.

    2. Move towards the closest player object that can be reached, and then deal damage.

    I've been using the pathfinding object for this. Right now I have a pathfinding object move from the computer object to the closest player object that can be moved to, and each grid tile the pathfinding object moves through gets 'tagged'. After the pathfinding object reaches the closest player object that can be pathed to, I highlight the grid of possible tiles the computer object can move, then create a second pathfinding object that starts from the furthest grid tile that is both tagged by the first pathfinding object and highlighted by the movement grid, and this object moves to the computer program and builds a list of squares for the computer object to move.

    Kind of complicated, but it's commented in the .capx. The main issue I'm having is skips in movement along with the pathfinding object moving diagonally even though I have diagonals turned off (not sure why this is happening).

  • not to be bothersome... but status?

  • not to be bothersome... but status?

    Project was shelved. And Author left for awhile

  • Very cool Excal!!!! Congratulations!

  • ryackov, Sorry, I've since moved on to Unity. I'm approaching graduation in about 6 months and want a skillset that can translate into me getting a job in the game development scene.

    I haven't given up on Construct 2 altogether. I've been following the multiplayer plugin development and it's looking pretty cool so far

  • You are working so hard in this project...... why opensource ?

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