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  • First post and my second game using Construct2 ,compiled using Cocoon 2 beta and uploaded to Google Play here: ... msyandroid

    Please check it out and leave feedback or a review on Google Play would be great!

    I also had a mute button for the audio similar to the post below but it didn't mute once on an Android phone. Not sure if thats a problem with the audio plugin or Cocoon. ... in-general


  • I'll post later how to do a mute button that works well for my game, I don't have access to my PC right now.

  • Thanks that would be great

  • Great game, just downloaded it! I was wondering, what screen size did you target to get the game to fill the entire screen?

  • I just have a button with 2 frames, one with an X (OFF) and one without (ON).

  • Thanks ionC2 will try this and report back as to whether this works under Cocoonjs 2 beta.

    Neondev the window size is set at 1280 x 720 which is a 16:9 ratio but the background is much wider to allow for scrolling and 960 deep to fill the screen under different resolutions including 1280 x 768 16:10 ratio and1280 x 960 4:3 ratio. These are the 3 main aspect ratios for modern phones and tablets.

  • ionC2 I tried out your example but still no worky when exported to an apk using cocoon 1.4 or 2. I also tried different physics engines and compilation settings but always the same results. If you have it working It could be a bug with the latest Construct or audio plugin.

    thanks anyway.

  • Strange. Yeah I use CocoonJS 1.4.7 and Construct r163. I had issues with looping sounds (music) not obeying audio mute/pause commands but this definitely has worked for many builds of my game for non-looping audio.

  • Yeah I have tried setting the volume and tagging sounds but all seem to have problems, I think it must be something to to with Construct 2 as I have definitely used volume settings in the past

  • Yep looping audio will not obey mute or volume commands. I just tried to add music to my game. Oh well.

  • was it not working on 163 either?

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  • Yep like I said I use r163 and CJS 1.4.7. Looping audio will not obey most commands. It works in the browser preview but not once it's on the phone.

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