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  • Hello guys!

    I just made my first C2 game to be playble and would like to share with you.

    You can access it on

    It's a super easy game that just requires mouse and a little coordination.

    I've downloaded C2 yesterday and spent a couple hours to make this while exploring tutos and manuals.

    <font size="3">Already known BUGS:</font>

    • Sometimes, before the last meme being shot, the success/fail layer appears by itself.
    • The first meme of first level seems to be always shot BEFORE you start to play. Even the event having a condition passedMenu = 1, which only happens after clicking on play.

    <font size="3">Todo:</font>

    • Fix bugs (ofc!)
    • Make a better design with more details
    • Scoreboard (HoF) saving name and date
    • Put some sounds (already got a couple, just need to convert)
    • Make a better difficult curve
    • Make a pause button/control
    • Save player progress
  • apparently...i suck.

  • I actually enjoyed it. I like the menus quite a lot too. I played till the middle of level 3 then I freaked out and accidentally clicked a bookmark on Chrome bookmark bar.

    :[ > apparently...i suck. Haha

  • Pretty fun! Really well made too, you put a lot of work into the graphics and menus and whatnot. Good work. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hehe thanks for replies guys!

    Index and Sully, i'm glad you guys liked the menus xD

    harrio, i suck too, don't worry lol

    I'll work on new formulas for the difficult curve too. It's currently linear, both for memes increasing (5 per lvl) and speed (2 secs start, minus 0.1 every level between shots, caped at least to 0.5)

    Index, i get mad when click outside too... i'll put some progress saving feature.

  • Nice first C2 game. I also like the graphics, menus, and whatnot. Nice job!

    Fun game, lots of lulz <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thank you Wink =D

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  • Love the faces, cool first game :)

  • Nice first game, this would be great for ipad.

  • Thanks Genki and zapmore!

    I couldn't work on game this weekend the much as i wanted, but tomorrow i'll add the scoreboard (HoF) and upload what i've done already (sounds, clicks, UI details etc).

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