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  • Hi everyone,

    Been working on a city builder/strategy game for facebook and I'm currently building the city view. This is where you will accept missions to improve your city or travel to different areas such as the barracks for building troops. Anyways, I wanted to show off what I've done so far. I didn't use any z-ordering plugin so I'm curious mostly on your thoughts regarding when the player moves behind items like buildings and trees. Also while you are there try out the zoom feature and tell me if it's fluid or choppy? To access the zoom hold down the z and I keys(zoom in) or z and o keys (zoom out)I know there is a slight stutter, I'm hoping once I remove a lot of unnecessary sprites that it will improve a bit.

    City View

  • The Z ordering seemed to work fine to me.

    The acceleration on the character painfully slow, though.

    Can't wait to see more progress!

  • whatever23

    Yeah, I need to tweak the player, haven't touched the player attributes as of yet, working on populating the city still. Was it fairly fluid or very choppy for your system? I'm on an older laptop and it was fairly smooth with just one or two blips when the player got to running speed.

  • It was very smooth, but I am also running a fairly decent machine.

  • Sweet, thanks a bunch for the reply. :)

  • Smooth as butter on Chrome, first load is about 4 seconds, every load after is instantaneous.

    How are you handling your zoom? Great ambitious graphics, will be watching with interest!

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  • Smooth on my newish work Dell. Good luck!

  • E Bear

    Nothing spectacular, I think I pulled it from one of Ashley built in templates.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I can't take credit for the graphics. Got them from Reiner's tileset website. The graphics are free for commercial/non commercial use.

  • I can't take credit for the graphics.


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