Circus Bears - A simple yet challenging game [Android]

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  • So this is my first shot at mobile so constructive criticism and 4-5 star ratings are always welcome.

    Thank you in advance for the feedback and enjoy !

    Download :

    # How to play:

    • Drag the rubber band while the bears is on it ,the more you drag the higher the jump.
    • Release when the time is right.
    • Each hoop awards 1 point.
    • Each hoop missed deducts 1 point.
    • Collect coins when available to unlock new bears
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  • First the good news:

    • The graphics and idea are very good.
    • It's a good idea to integrate Google services to save game and see leader boards.
    • I want to keep playing it.

    Now the bad news:

    • The Powered by Ludei screen flickers. Is it supposed to do that?
    • I couldn't get the bears to jump/bounce.
    • The game also flickers when I leaving the game (pausing it). Could the flickering be related to whatever makes the Ludei screen flicker too?

    3.5/5 stars (4 if I could make the bear jump/bounce)

  • Update: I got it to jump.

    4/5 stars

  • The graphics are pretty good, and the rope physics are neat.

    But I find it kind of hard, I barely managed to score 3...maybe you could reduce the bear's collision box, and also make the hoops fade out faster after you score on them, I got a game over a lot of times because I went trough a hoop but collided with it when going down...I think the timing is maybe a little bit too strict and could be more lenient...

    (Or maybe I just suck at the game )

    I noticed that there is no way to go back to the main menu once you start playing (you may want to do that in order to check leaderboards, for example)...If you want to make possible to go back to the main screen but dont feel like making a new button, you could use the back button of the device with this plugin that overrides the default "quit game" CocoonJS dialog and gives you more control.

    Nice little game!

  • Thank you Momio and frn2000 for your positive feedback and constructive criticism I am taking notes and will be polishing based on the feedback.

    I guess the difficulty problem is due to the fact that i tested so much the game that for me it seems challenging but not that difficult and Momio I will address the back button/leaderboards problem in the next update . Thank you once again !

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