Chroma Maze Deluxe - Now available for iOS and Android!

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  • Chroma Maze Deluxe

    Chroma Maze Deluxe is a game for iOS and Android, where you must navigate through randomly generated mazes to get to the goal as many times within the time limit. The walls of the maze quickly disappear! You can illuminate the path with a double-tap, but doing so also depletes some of your remaining time! Collect power-ups, and try to get to the goal as many times as possible!

    Other features include:

    • Unlockable Achievements through Game Center and Google Play
    • High score leaderboard through Game Center and Google Play
    • Unlockable characters - each character plays differently
    • Upgradable power-ups to give you more time and improve your score

    Chroma Maze Deluxe is a continuation of my Ludum Dare 31 entry of the same name. Chroma Maze was the first game that I ever made, so this mobile reimagining is very special to me!

    • ?? Download for iOS
    • ?? Download for Android
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