Chopper Attack: My first HTML5 game

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  • Hi everyone. I'm pretty new here, and only recently started playing around with Construct 2. I really like it a lot (for the past few years I've been doing a lot of things in Game Maker). Anyway, to get right to the point, I'd like to share my first creation. It's a simple arcade game called "Chopper Attack." You can find it on my blog (see signature).

    You might be interested to know that my discovery of Construct happened in a strange way. I attended a Microsoft seminar on game programming for Windows 8 at my local community college, and it was originally going to cover TouchDevelop. As it turns out, because so many people voiced their fondness for Construct instead, it was used as an alternative during the lecture.

    Anyway, thanks a lot.

  • It's nice little aproach but controls are real difficult. Keyboard rotates turret to fast :) Mouse don't aim either.

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  • Thanks for trying it out, and I appreciate the feedback. I will take it into consideration. I was concerned at first about the movement rate with the keyboard, because the sprite that I use for the turret only has a limited number of "angles" that were drawn (I did not draw the sprite myself). I thought if it took too long to move from one side to another, that it would negatively affect gameplay.

    The mouse should work, though. The way it works is, when you touch an area of the screen (either with your finger or clicking the mouse pointer), the turret will start moving in that direction. And then shooting can only be done by pressing the red button or touching/clicking the turret itself. I admit this might not be obvious to the user at first, but rather it's something that could be figured out just by playing with the game for a few minutes.

    (In Construct, I set "Use mouse input" to Yes.)

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