Chômeur Blaster: A french game about unemployment

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  • Hi everyone,

    First of all English is not my native language, sorry about that.

    I'm the graphic designer of Chômeur Blaster and I'm here to introduce you the game I have made with some friends.

    On February to May 2014 I have joined a workshop created by a non-profit association called "D'Une Certaine Gaieté" to produce a game about the unemployment's reform in Belgium in 2015 that will exclude roughly 55.000 jobless persons from getting their doles.

    The game is a typical tower-defense gameplay where you can summon 4 kinds of tower with differents specifications to protect a place from being besieged by a horde of jobless persons. The game is made with Construct 2, still in Beta (final version will be release on the middle of june) and is only in french but I think you can play the game without understanding french.

    We will add 2 maps and some new sprites for the final version and fix some bugs. For now you have to download the game but you will be able to play it on your browser for the next release.

    You can download the game by this link (Edit: just saw I haven't enough points to show you the link, so please check the name of the game on Google and take the first choice. Then go to "Télécharger le jeu" (download the game) and if anyone can post the link I will be grateful).

    Here's some screenshots:

    Hope you enjoy the game

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  • Nice!

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