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    Hi everyone! I've just completed a new app called, Nikola Tesla's Patents. If you're not aware of who Nikola Tesla is, let me tell you... he was a genius, and true 'man of the future'. His works and name should never be forgotten! In his lifetime, over 278 patents were issued to him in 26 countries around the globe! The patents displayed in this app are significant and ground-breaking to say the least. In their time (1901), they had the potential to change the entire world (for the better w/ free wireless "radiant" energy). In fact, even now (now more than ever), in our time, these patents still hold the same world-changing potential! So please, check out the app, and if you understand the patents... do not just read them; instead, actually try to re-create and experiment with them, because Knowledge is power, and with it, humanity can truly work wonders! Enjoy the app guys!

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