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  • Just upload my game to the Google Play (Android Market). It is called Sky Shooter. Made by Viper Gaming. It is $1.99 so I understand if you don't play it, but it would really help get it jump started if you did! Check it out and give me some feedback :)

  • can you give us a little demo

  • vertical airplane shooter, but made into a defense game. Still has a few bugs in it so let me know if you find any. As for the controls, it is designed for phones so imagine the mouse is your finger. Hold it down for movement and shooting. Let me know what you think!

  • Cool game man. Keep working on it.

    I don't know if it's a bug, but sometimes I just need to click on different spots on the screen and my plane will disapear and appear on that spot I clicked.

    Be sure I'll stay tuned and feel free to check out game too "This is cute!" and tell me what you think about it.

  • hey mitch , you are doing great work ,but ,not to dissapoint you , your game is not ready for the google market , you need to improve it alot before trying to make money from it , i am not saying that your game is bad or anything like that , but people want something fancy and addictive and , surely , with a new concept , so revise your game and your price ( 1.99 $ is too expensive , for example ,check cuttherope or jetpack joyride , they took a new concept , they made a good price , graphics are awesome , and there is alot of good options like leaderboards and achievements and this is the key to sucess !

    And if you need help , we are here to help you

  • Thanks for truthful feedback, what do you suggest I improve in it? I am going to keep it up on the market, but lower it to .99 instead of 1.99 because I plan on updating often. This is only 1.0, so it will continually get better

  • Excellent ... And i have an idea for ya ! You should add some music and add a background to all your screen and surely make the action speed up after time , ypu could also add achiebemts and a shop where you can buy skins and weapons

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  • I did a huge revamp of the game last night.. Check it out now :) let me know what you think please, and hopefully rate it 5 stars for me!                            

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