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Control your space ship in a weird space-time environment and destroy as many enemies as you can!
  • To learn myself how to use CS2 I remade my first even game. I created the original in 2001 and that was only playable in DOS. I did a windows remake in 2011 and now an online version in CS2.

    You can play the current build of the game here:

    I still have some translating to do and include a 'how to play' section.

    I also have a question for you guys. I plan on releasing the game on FaceBook, I already have it running in my developer account.

    The original game is based on the DragonBall Z saga, will this be a problem? Is it better if I change the namens to make this less obvious?

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  • As long as your not generating revenue from it you should be fine. If you plan to monetize it then I would strongly suggest being a lot more vague, right now there is no doubt where the content originated.

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