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  • This isn't the final version, but I was wondering if it was possible to cheat in this game? It's a simple game based on reaction time.

    I've tried to avoid people cheating by repeatedly spamming a button by:

    1 - randomizing the correct answer

    2 - if you click before the correct answer is up you will loose (not yet implemented but you get pinged to the menu)

    However, I was wondering if anyone on here could manipulate their high score, or find another way to cheat I haven't yet thought of :) .

    So I guess the challenge is break the game haha. If you could reply to this thread if you find any way to cheat it'd be much appreciated.

    Thanks for reading


    EDIT: I'm aware you start on a yellow screen, just click it to get through to the real game :). I also know the high scores will post multiple times (will fix that later)

  • Hi there,

    Haven't looked at it, hard to copy and paste links fom my iPad. But if you use offline storage or variables at all then it's very easy to manipulate the game data with a program like greasemonkey for Firefox if the person is skilled enough. Unless you utilize server side scripts for everything but display then its more or less an honor system I think. I used to write little helper scripts in greasemonkey for Facebook games, it's very easy to do unfortunately.

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply :).

    I've looked at and they mention ways to encrypt scores to prevent cheating etc. I'm not really sure how to go about implementing something like this though. Is it a rather complex process encrypting variables, in-store purchases etc.?

    EDIT: Would there be any other way I could stop someone from cheating without server side scripting?

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