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    Whats up gang,

    I have been working with C2 for nearly 4 years and I have mostly made childrens apps target at babies and toddlers.

    But im here to show off my latest creation "Cave Runner"

    cave runner is a endless runner merged with Diamond Mining.

    all the caves are generated by the computer and I spent hours on logic to keep the game running smooth.

    please check out this project and give me some feed back,


    Tony W

  • Hello,

    Seems a little too slow on my Galaxy S4 and sometimes clicking he doesn't move immediately.

    Also, seems a pain that you fall off edge and it has to redraw % takes too long to wait and

    PPL would get a bit annoyed waiting for this (20 secs) to redraw sometimes...just letting you know

    The scrolling clouds, are you using DT for speed as its little jerky..good graphics and once those thing

    done should be good...i thought a G4 should be a reasonable mobile to try it...if its like this then im

    worried for my games now hmm...

  • Nice!, This game is slow in my Galaxy

  • Thanks guys, I actually did all testing on my nabi, I was asumming the same thing you where, if it works on this slow thing it should be fine... Threres not much more I can do to speed up the interface without sacrificing cave wall integrity. The re-draw time on my tablet is about 6 seconds.

    But yes I agree it would be an awful experience in your cases.... I'm going to remove the options for phone and make it tablet only.

  • nice game!

  • nice game!

    Thank You!

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  • Pretty cool! Would you mind giving a link to open it up in Construct 2 and see what you did?

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