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  • It's a while now since I bought C2 and I been really wired in this program ever since. I love it. So i guess it was time to create an account and post something on the forum.

    Since this is my first post and I believe in good manners, I probably should tell you something about me. I'm an freelancing 3D guy and animator from Sweden (that why my English can be slightly off some times, but it has never been any problem). That said!

    What better way to show appreciation for this software than to post a small demo of a game I've worked on?

    It's an alpha-Demo so manage your expectations. There is no in game tutorial yet. I'm trying to design it so a child could understand and play it, so if you don't understand what to do it's my fault. Anyway I Love C2 and later this month I will release something that one can call a first beta.

    Have a day!

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