Capt. J. Doe Saves the Universe on Scirra Arcade now

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  • First release with Construct2 on Scirra arcade in Action game section (or click link in my sig). Its a stable alpha of a classic style side scrolling space shooter complete with 100 waves and bosses.

    It is designed so each play through will be different due to randomness of weapon spawns, once you get all weapons it gets much easier.

    If you do find it too easy just try Insane game mode and see how long you last.

    Please give it a try and post me some feedback about how playable or fun it is, or isn't!

    Bug reporting is nice too.

    Tips: Keep the turret enemies from gathering behind shield enemies and destroy mines as soon as you see them!

    Use the second weapon upgrade, energy bolt, to one-hit detonate mines and create a death orb around it!

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