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  • I went ahead and uploaded Cannonball Bash to the arcade to show that it is possible can make an artillery game without physics.

  • I like it a lot <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thank you. However according to the counter no one has played it. Zero. heh heh

  • Paradox,

    quite a few have played and enjoyed it, including me, but the counter is not advancing for some reason.

  • It counted on the share card for the first half hour, then stopped at 23.

    The arcade has had that glitch for awhile now. I think it can manually be reset, but I think it's pretty much waiting for the new Arcade.

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  • Very nice game! I think it'll do really well :)

  • Haha I like it, almost want it to completely annihilate the castle on full power tho :)

    I'm working on a cannon game too except you fire a flying squirrel!, I had been having the user setting the power (filing with more gunpowder) prior to firing but now I think I prefer your method of just incrementing on touch and firing on release as it makes for quicker, simpler game play.

  • I had tried the even simpler method, where the place you click/touch determined the angle, and the distance from the cannon was the power, but this way felt more satisfying.

    You could have him grab gunpowder on his way after firing to increase the max power available...


    A tip for those who want to shoot full power: Knock a hole in a wall with something on top of it like a turret, or a second floor. Then full power shot into the hole and the ball will bounce up hitting the part above, and then back down. Basically it will bounce around in that hole doing a great deal of damage.

  • Currently he's jumping through flaming hoops to activate the next cannon which he then jumps into to progress through the level. A bit like DK Cannon Canyon minus the hoops.

    You need to also use build-able platforms (fans and the likes) to get through them all as some of the angles of the hoops aren't going to be in the direct path of the firing cannon so pure power and a good aim isn't just the way to win.

    Altho maybe it's something I could incorporate in the later levels, I'll ponder on it :)

  • This deserve to be put in Kongregate!

  • It's my Tizen contest entry, so I'm waiting for that before I spread it around too much.

    I'm hoping the judges for the 10 50,000 HTML5 prizes really like cannon games. ;-)

  • Crossing fingers for you, great game! :)

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