The CandyMan Saga: Chase of the Candy King

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  • Hi, everybody! I'm thrilled to announce I've finished my very first game with Construct 2, and it was developed for the Candy Jam against King-dot-com trademarketing the word "Candy". (you can learn more about the Jam in their main website)

    <img src="" border="0">

    In the game, we control CandyMan, who is chasing after the nefarious Candy King, who has stolen all the candy (the meanie!).

    Press UP ARROW or Z KEY to jump. Avoid the crates! They knock you back and decrease your life. The Candy King will drop candy as he attempts to run away, collect those sweet treats! Every 20 candies you'll earn +1 life point (to a max of 6 points) and they will also fill up your SUGAR RUSH gauge.

    Once the gauge is full, hit SPACEBAR to unleash the SUGAR RUSH, a very handy acceleration that also gives you momentarily invincibility.

    You can play the game right from my website: CANDYMAN! (Online)

    OR, you can download the game to play as a standalone version: DOWNLOAD IT!

    If you like the game, consider rating it for the Candy Jam! Let me know what you think! :D

    (I know I should also upload it to the Scirra Arcade. I'll work on it very soon and update this post with the new links)


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