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  • It?s not polished enough to show consumers yet, but I would love to hear critical feedback from my fellow game developers. This is my first game so I have no idea what I am doing and need your help. ?

    Here is the game link. It?s a casual, arcade game starring a bear trying to rescue his little brother from evil trees. Best played with touch controls?tablet, phone, or touchscreen monitor.

    My future work is:

    1)     Add a survival mode.

    2)     Make it juicier. Polish the graphics, sound, and gameplay. A composer just signed on board so I?m really excited about that. And in a month a real artist will replace my programmer art.

    The end goal is to release on Windows Phone and Windows in August. Hopefully by then, the game is good enough to charge $0.99 for it. Would love thoughts and advice on the future work and release goals too.

    Oh and for some reason the sound doesn?t always work on IE (Plays perfectly on chrome, safari, and firefox). If someone has an idea then that?d be great.



  • It was fun for a few minutes, here's my thoughts.

    A. Lose the physics, they don't add anything to the game, in fact they make it worse. Third playthough, I had two trees spawn right next to each other and push each other back down, immediately costing me two lives, not good. Almost all of what you're doing here can be replaced with a little clever math, and you'll have more control over the gameplay if you do.

    B. Variable cuts. You're going to be sharing a marketplace with Fruit Ninja, vary up the cuts a bit. Have multiple "halve"'s depending on which way the cut is (Like two diagonals, a vertical, and horizontal)

    C. Cut-scenes. I know this is basically just an alpha you're showing. But I'd recommend a few; nothing big, just a few pictures and some text to give a little context to things like why area two is full of robo-trees

  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Cut scenes sound like a good idea. I will put them on the schedule.

    I have gotten very mixed feedback on the physics. Some people, such as you, hate it. Some people like it because it's a unique feature. I'm slowly moving away from pro-physics because of performance issues.

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  • I liked it as well!

    Work on the sounds. After the 10000th "aaaarww" it�s just annoying :-D

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