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  • Hey everybody,

    Here is the game I made for HBgames contest. The is pretty simple, you just need to drive the car to the parking slot.

    <img src="http://i44.tinypic.com/35a2lxh.jpg" border="0">

    Here is the link:


    To do list:

    • Add more levels.
    • Enhance the graphics and add more car models.
    • Add stars to pick, like 3 stars to pick before to parking slot.
    • Levels menu.
    • Crash effect when car crash something.
    • Sounds.


    • Sounds added: hit, crash, lose, win, bg sound, alarm, time's up and more..
    • Try to hit the wall and other car.
  • Well, I atleast played through it! Was quite good. Perhaps some sounds and more levels would make it more intresting :)

    Check out my game aswell if you want to :) It's not complete due to the restrictions of the Free Edition. KillSlay ZombieDie

  • Thanks Jon, the problem is i dunno how to create a nice sound, lol :(

    Yeah, i want to add more levels, will working on it <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks Jon, the problem is i dunno how to create a nice sound, lol :(

    <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Well basicly to create a sound, the sound file must be .ogg file (Atleast that I know of, you can try with .wav or mp3 aswell)

    Then you enable Audio by doubleclicking the workspace ( Same way you did to add Keyboard )

    Then you go to the projects panel, right click on "Sounds" and then "Import Sounds", then select the sound file you want and click Import.

    After that you have to add an action, in the action for example when the car goes forward or brake, you add a "Audio -> "Play" <Select File> "Not Looping" And then Ok and you're done.

    Hope I helped. :)

  • i would say you don't need score system if you will put the start (collect) system so i think if you do one of them will be enough.

    also put a crash effect with the car get hit it would be nice!

    and keep the good work^^

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  • Really good game. I waiting for all your enhancements. The game will be really great. The concept is simple and original. I really liked it. it also reflects my driving skills which are just terrible.

    Please, feel free when you will have time to try my game "This is Cute!" and leave me some feedback. You can play it through my signature.

  • Thanks, i will give it a shot.

    Ok i agree, like 3 stars on angrybirds. Added crash effect to my to do lists :)

    anthonykojima, Thanks :)

  • Handi, angry bird has another way for start they made the stars with the score so example :

    1st star = 10000score

    2nd star = 20000score

    3th star = 40000score

    and the score change every level...

    but see (Cut the Rope) you just collect stars and done... the score is just for challenging or useless. ^^

    so if would say make it like cut the rope just collecting without the useless score :) people will challenging to get the 3 starts not for score

  • Yes, i agree or just convert lives to stars, if the car didn't hit anything until finish, you could get max stars

  • Instead of stars though, you should collect wrenches, or tires, or whatever that is car/driving related. That would make more sense I believe.

    The car control doesn't feel very realistic. The car brakes/stops as soon as you released the acceleration key, it turns almost at 90? whatever the speed is, etc...

    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks kyatric, i will update the control more enjoyable to play.

    Today i've added the sounds, please kindly test it out and give some feedback. Thanks

  • I enjoyed this, was a little sad that it ended on stage 3.

    Have the controls been updated? You might want to try something like the car will only slow down when you press down. At the moment you just let go of the keys and the car stops on its own. That might increase the difficulty a bit.

    Have you played GTA (the original?), one thing paticularly cool about it was how the cars got beat up the more you crashed them - I think you could get some inspiration from it.

    cool game and good luck with the contest.

  • Yes, i've updated the control. Will upload it soon. also redesign the map

  • Added custom preloading screen

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