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  • <img src="http://imageshack.us/a/img525/3007/c2rlogo.png" border="0">

    My first game, C2 Revolution!!, has just opened on the Scirra Arcade!

    Check it out!

  • Nice game <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Works perfectly! But very, very hard!

  • Your game is very smooth and refined. Hopefully I can make mine just as good once I get the artwork.

    It's funny. When I set out to make a DDR-minigame for my comic, I came across your post asking about how to fix arrows not appearing when they should. I looked at your capx to figure out how you designed your system. Mine is designed very differently, though I guess it doesn't matter much in the end as long as it works.

  • Looks like Stepmania :P But looks good.

  • Tip: You might want to tell us what the controls are before the game starts. All I got was a brief message that lasted a second or so the second time I started it, and that's it. One second isn't a long time to learn eight controls. And why eight arrows? Why not use the proper letters or something? Decent game, but a) I would have prefered choosing my own music, b) I would have prefered starting when I wanted to instead of being kicked right into it, c) I would definitely have preferred a difficulty setting.

  • DravenX

    Thanks man, I'm glad you like it! I look forward to seeing the game you've been working on in Unity, let me know once it's finished!


    Thank man, yeah the game is challenging but I wanted to give it some meaningful longevity through something besides just adding new content. How does your design method differ from mine?


    Unfortunately, the way I created the game, it is probably impossible for me to have any sort of "pause" function or alternative screen that the player has control over. I would have to recreate the entire system of events, and I'm not sure that it would function properly running on DT, since I tried to do it like that from the start, but I couldn't get the timings to respond well enough to make the game sync well enough to the music.

    Also, I don't plan to develop this particular game for sale or multiplatform distribution, it's actually more of a practice game for another project I am interested in that relies on similar mechanics but has a completely different purpose.

    With regards to picking your own music, I don't know how to interpolate MIDI data into C2, or into a spreadsheet that I could readily integrate into C2 events. And creating more songs would take a very long time.

    I might create a difficulty setting, however, if the game gets enough attention and shows a potential for having longevity in the Scirra Arcade, as that will be its final destination.

    Thanks for playing guys, I really appreciate all the feedback and I look forward to enhancing the game with better [background] visuals and more options if it seems worthwhile!

  • Don't worry, I did enjoy the game. :) I'm just saying you might want to show us the controls next time. As for this game, maybe you could mention the controls in this post? ;)

    As for music, I didn't mean literally using my own music. I meant we might have a selection of songs to choose from, perhaps. :)

  • What you said about trying to get things to work on dt...well, that's where our design is fundamentally different. Mine does use dt. Everything's controlled by comparing my system clock (which is simply dt) to when things are supposed to move. With my method I think pause is very possible, though I haven't tried it yet.

  • Constructinator, using different "songs" means timing everything differently. It takes a very long time to get the timing of the arrows spot on, much less doing it for several different songs, which would have to be composed and rendered.

    But I do agree that having an easier, or perhaps harder, difficulty should be implemented. Maybe you could use some of the same arrows, but just delete some of them to make it easier.

  • I really like the game, and I'm curious about the extra set of direction arrows. Is there a reason you chose to include it? Was the game supposed to be played a long with another person? If not, I think it'd be better just to have one set of arrows and let the player focus on that. If you wanted to increase difficulty, just make it available in settings or make later stages harder to score on.

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  • robert

    I have a cool rhythm game called "Sequence", and it dynamically utilizes 3 arrow sets interchangably. Each set has a feature to it.

    To be honest, I think I had the second set come into the scene almost accidentally. I was designing the scene and knew I needed more than just one set (since I planned to have the game be landscape or square at thinnest). So I threw in an extra set, decided it could be used for multiplayer (2 players - 1 keyboard), and just went with it. Then I decided that, since I don't expect to be creating any more songs, that I would start the song off easier and make it get more difficult to try to give the best of both worlds.

    So that's the story. If the game becomes popular, I may re-code it to make it so that additional songs and difficulty levels can be utilizes. Likewise, I may release an open version (free .capx) so that offers can expand upon it or use the events for their projects.

  • Very nice!

  • DravenX

    Thanks man, I'm glad you like it! I look forward to seeing the game you've been working on in Unity, let me know once it's finished!

    The fps horror game is still a long way off from completion.Most off the characters are finsihed which means we can go on with scripting and stages.Will show some videos and screenshots on my website once the game goes beta which will be 100% free off course.

  • This game needs more attention, Im thinking maybe even a little ol unofficial forum competition to see who can master it first. Bragging rights or maybe even a bunch of us could pitch in for a copy of c2.

    I'll throw in a little if others did Just to see it. Anyone game?

    Who knows, I might just win it back! lol.

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