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  • May I present my C2 JSON Manager tool that permits easy management of nested dictionary and array objects, in a format that can be directly imported into c2. I started this as a side-line project to support some other work - and hopefully you will also find it useful! It's free to use (and ad supported).



    • Import a c2 .json file (from dictionary / array AsJSON string) - either as a file-read or a paste from clipboard.
    • Create a blank dictionary or array.
    • Create arrays within arrays within dictionaries within.... etc. You get the idea. Unlimited nested data structures.
    • Paste additional AsJSON strings into arrays and dictionaries.
    • Delete rows / columns of array data and delete keys of dictionaries.
    • Undo your data mistakes, if required (within current edit level).
    • Change displayed X / Y axes.
    • Use zero array values as axis headings - optional.
    • Save the current array / dictionary from within the data structure.
    • Save the whole data structure before continuing to edit it.
    • Creates an alert if you duplicate a dictionary key.

    To Do:

    • Export to Windows 10 / 8.1 (maybe) - if there's enough interest (I might do it anyway just for the experience...).
    • Done: Duplicate key name check.
    • Search the data for a string (again, maybe, depending on interest and my ability).
    • Any other ideas?

    Please feel free to check it out and I would be grateful for any bug reports of suggestions for improvement.

  • A quick demo:

  • Update - now contains a Dictionary key check, so you don't inadvertently lose data by duplicating key names.

  • It's extremely cool. I'm just not intelligent enough to use it to its full potential!

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  • Informatica Read JSON helps to learn - How to Import JSON data using Informatica (Read JSON Files or REST API)

    Check it out...Hope it Helps:)

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