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  • Hello,

    we are looking for someone that is working on a good project, to help to release on Nintendo Wii U (WiiUWare).

    Our company is a new game developer studios licensed developer for Nintendo Wii U and also digital publisher concerning Europe and America territories. During last months we worked hard on two titles for a European Publisher (that will be released in Q1 2014), but now it's time to make something completely different. And that now Construct 2 can support Wii U is the moment! <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    We are looking for every games that could be a very intense tribute to the old-fashioned 16-bit classic, but must be also a gaming sample that expresses itself through enjoyment and wild rhythm. A condition that reprocess the whole dynamics of the past in a modern way through a a strong dynamic discipline characterized by many innovative gameplay features. The product have to be aimed at those who do not seek a gaming revolution, but merely a videogame whose validity is achieved through an immediate and progressively more challenging gameplay, which can involve the player for a quick game or for few hours of fun.

    Tell us about your projects and fell free to ask for every question.

    Kind regards

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