My C2 game Frog Souls coming out soon for iOS

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  • Hey everyone! My second C2 iOS game Frog Souls is currently testing via TestFlight and is set to release soon.

    Trying to get a bit of attention to it!

    In an infinite pond many dimensions away a mysterious being gives a sword wielding frog an important task - overthrow the four masters and find the lost rings.

    ?Frog Souls is an Arcade / RPG iOS game out very soon. An homage to Dark Souls (aka best game ever), it has you mastering enemy and boss patterns to survive, and being punished for rushing along. Designed to give the player simple controls yet challenging gameplay. Jump and attack with timing to progress through the story. OR get lost in a side quest or item / boss hunting

    Not sure how to embed the video but take a look -


    • Hours of gameplay and secrets
    • Cool hats, weapons, and powerups! Customise your character (hats insta preview!)
    • Die / retry! Keep your powerups and items as long as you have life
    • 20 unique enemies, 4 unique story bosses and 4 unique hidden bosses
    • Side Quests and rare items
    • Original soundtrack and SFX
    • Equip rings to change gameplay, unlock areas...
    • Find friends to fight alongside you
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  • hey , plz tell me how to upload to testflight , i uploaded but when i opened app it show me this , how to resolve plz

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