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  • So here is my first Construct game. Did it over the past several weeks primarily to get familiar with the capabilities of the engine. It is a clone of one my all-time favorite retro games, which was in itself a clone of Defender. I also put a little of my own flavor into it. It still has a fair amount of work to be done, but at least it is currently playable�albeit with some annoying bugs.

    Top on my list: Load and occasionally Save Layout seem to crash the browser nearly every time. I have no idea why. And another huge annoyance�the way that wrap works, enemies on the other side of the wrap boundry aren�t visible until you cross over. It also creates an obnoxious gap in the world. I have to experiment with that but I�ve tried many fixes already.

    Currently it�s best in Chrome because of the location based audio support but the webfonts don�t work.

    Anyway, I am curious to see what people think and if anyone has some idea how to fix the Load Save thing or the crappy wrapping issues, I would love to hear from you.

    Try it: bigmachinestudios.com/killemall

  • bigmachine,

    this is something that i have been wanting to do for ages in c2. defender is one of my all time fav games, and i wanted to do a clone but i was not sure how to handle the 'wrapping' mechanism.

    not many 2d games work like defender did, where it had it's own inclusive 'world' on the screen, and you could navigate through it, with the help of the radar.

    will you share how you pulled off the 'wrap'? i would love to hear how you managed that. plus, i think it would help enable a whole sub-genre of games to be made, using that 'wrap-world' mechanic.

    love your retro graphics by the way...

  • harrio

    I'd be happy to show how I did the wrap...although as you can see, it is not entirely successful. The issue of not seeing the enemies on the other side of the wrap boundary until you cross it has yet to be tackled. I would love to see the wrap behavior get "fixed" so it could properly deal with this issue. I'll post a stripped down version of my capx shortly so you can see what I have done.

  • Here is the basic framework for the wrapping scroller.

    As I mentioned above, it is flawed because the wrap point is not seamless (you cannot see enemies past the wrap point). Also, something weird...the ship has to be animated or else the scrolling stalls at the wrap point. Anyway, if anyone comes up with a solution for the wrap boundary issues, I would really like to see it.


  • Quck bug report: You can still shoot after death in some situations (just smash b and collide with enemy unit - you'll see be able to shoot for a while)

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  • Skywalker

    Thanks...yes, I have been meaning to disable user control after death. I'll update that in version 0.33 which has physics fixes for the Space Squid in level 4.

    BTW...special secret.... hit "1" in any level for nearly infinite shields and 100 smartbombs. I use it for debugging.

  • v0.33 update

    fixes Space Squid physics

    removes ship control on player death

    other minor tweaks

  • Just happened upon your clone... very nice! Old thread I know... but I just had to comment how much fun it was to play. Brought back some good memories. Love the updated tweaks you made to this all time classic game!

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